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World Environment Day 2018

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Gold Plated with Wisdom

A couple of years ago, the Egyptian archaeologists discovered a colossal ancient statue of the Pharaonic deity of wisdom, Thoth, in the shape of a baboon. The four-metre tall statue, dated back to the 18th Dynasty, which ruled Egypt until 1292 B.C., was discovered in four pieces along with two statues. Plunging into the dimensional depths of the genuine wisdoms that this statue figure represented had made me jump into some conclusions.
Just as I myself believed that the capacity for self-regulation is a critical first step on the path to ’perfect’ life. I spent many years visiting the Pharaonic temples and visualizing the monuments and relics to learn highly disciplined techniques to control my mind as well as my body. Adhering myself to the orientation emerged from the Pharaonic wisdom described the mystical path that I had gone through. That path is the control of the modifications of mind. It is a system of comprehending one’s own nature becoming the master of that nature and using that mastery for self-elevation. But there discipline was required .No self-mastery can be acquired without discipline.
Nonetheless, I deduced after several years that neither my years of meditation nor his knowledge had prompted me to transcend my ego or to get free of my everyday personality conflicts. If I coincide my mystical path with spiritual path, I will unleash energy, whether positive or negative. The problem, from my point of view, was that the Pharaohs did not realize that if the personality was not relatively cultivated, tuned and understood, the ego could go totally out of control. I felt that I never integrated that part of my nature. I had some high teachings to share, but I could not have brought the pieces of myself under control.
No doubt that there are some symbols and factors related to the Pharaonic civilization that assists me in concentrating and arousing imagination while meditating. For instance, in Egypt, the blue lotus appears on the earliest wall paintings of the 6th Dynasty at Saqqara’s pyramids and in all funerary stelae. They are granted to the deceased and held in the hand as thought they possess the power to revitalize them: to bring the deceased back to life. Carved out of blue lapis, along with the golden falcon and the sun that are the symbols of the god Horus, the lotus is vitally essential object among the funerary treasures in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Hence, the lotus, becomes a leitmotiv, a symbol most appropriate since its links the water with the sun, the earth with sky which signify fertility and regeneration in Egypt. Moreover, it is the seed of the plant which spells out the cycle of birth-decay-death and rebirth that constitutes the indispensable pattern of belief in these two-riverine and agricultural societies.
Presently, as I transcend gradually into higher level of meditation since I have started spending much time examining the Pharonic wisdom, I feel unusually relaxed and quite free of any conscious thoughts. I visualize some images passing before my eyes, but I do not pay much attention to them. I am taken instead with the loose pleasurable feeling that pervades me, and with the evidence from the tones that I am deeply in some other state of consciousness. I could vary the loudness and frequency of the tones almost at will. I am not sure how exactly I am doing it, but I feel a quiet exhilaration and an unusual sense that while no thoughts are running through my head, I am fully in charge of my state of mind. During the mystical sessions that I am going through, I have begun to feel that it falls into like ‘yoga’ activity where I struggle with the need to maintain control, physically and mentally. As I intermittently flit out of the meditation state and become more conscious, I am seized with apprehension. How, I wonder, am I going to hold on to this vicarious experience I have? As it turns out, I retain a strong sense of what I have done to get there in the first place. It has nothing to do with control or effort. To the contrary, I simply let myself drop toward sleeping while remaining alert. The experience is brief, but I emerge from it convinced that I have discovered a wholly new and potentially useful state. Gaining more facility at shifting states of consciousness is not equivalent to finding wisdom. In effect, flexibility is a means for broadening and deepening consciousness, and ultimately for experiencing a ‘perfect’ life.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

When You Get Haunted by Hatshepsut’s Spirit (2)

I began meditating inside that Pharaonic temple in 1989 for the most practical of reasons: I wanted to follow a methodology that could have slowed down the frenzied activity of my mind. I was not interested in gurus or rituals, spiritual awakening, or higher states of consciousness. All what I was aspiring for was the creation of mystical atmosphere, and for me, mystical is the opposite of monotony. I was seeking meditation with no frills. I read several books about the mystical secrets that the Temple of Hatshepsut had borne, so I believed that this Temple was the most convenient site for practising the meditation sessions. I used to focus on repeating two Pharaonic words, ’Ka’ and ’Ba’ while having my psychological sessions. These two words had a sterilizing power that had eliminated all the impurities on my mind and heart. The ‘Ba’ was sort of how the pharos acted, or in other words their personality while the 'ka’ was the life force of all living humans.
I knew that if I allowed the day’s obligations to pile up, I would have begun to find excuses not to meditate. The problem, I learned very quickly, was that this apparently simple activity, sitting quietly and repeating a single word, proved to be one of the most difficult challenges I had faced. The sort of conscious discipline away from meditating in the Temple was that I used to get my writing done, or make myself jog in the mornings .But unfortunately, these latter  activities proved to be  inutile. Telling one’s self not to think or to focus for twenty minutes on these mystical Pharonic words is like curbing a small child from talking and sitting silently for twenty minutes .It was an exercise in futility. My mind, I discovered very quickly, had a mind on its own.
At first, I found it intolerable to sit in meditation for more than few minutes .I squirmed .As my mind wandered ,I recalled long-forgotten obligations and could not have resisted running to fetch my laptop to type them down .I daydreamed over present disputes and planned new ventures ,chewed over past events. Unwittingly, I had entered a pitched battle with an endlessly resourceful opponent: my own mind.
Meditation inside the Temple quickly became the center of my life,FOUR hours in the early mornings and four more in the late afternoon. This intense discipline came to me easily. It assisted me in releasing my inner demons, unresolved anger, chronic anxiety and severe stress.

When You Get Haunted by Hatshepsut’s Spirit (1)

Beneath the cliffs at Deir El-Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt lies The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This mortuary temple is dedicated to the god of sun, Amon-Ra. It has served both as an inspiration and later, as a quarry. It is considered one of the "incomparable monuments of ancient Egypt."That temple was the main resource that incited me to think of getting into meditation sessions.
I arrived at the Temple for the first time in 1991 uncertain what to expect, but full of curiosity and anticipation. I knew the Temple of Hatshepsut only by its reputation when it had become celebrated as one of the greatest temples belonging to the 18th dynasty. My image was of a place where people shed their inner impurities, shucked their concerns, allowed their most patent feelings to surface and expressed them with blunt directness to hell with any consequences. That Temple, in my mind, was a place of intense encounters, dramatic emotional breakthroughs and open spiritual experimentation. I simply was not yet aware that it had also served as a useful clearinghouse, launching pad and initial meeting place for an extraordinary array of pioneering thinkers and practitioners who together began to develop a unique approach to the pursuit of wisdom.
No sooner did I turn onto its grounds than I understood a key aspect of Hatshepsut Temple enduring allure. It consists of three imposing terraces.  On the southern end of the first colonnade, there were some scenes, among them the famous scene of the transportation of Hatshepsut’s two obelisks, while on the north side of that colonnade, there was a spectacular scene that represents the Queen offering four calves to Amon Ra. The second terrace was accessed by a ramp; originally it would have had stairs. The famous Punt relief was engraved on the southern side of the second colonnade. The journey to Punt (now is called Somalia) was the first pictorial documentation of a trade expedition that was recorded and was discovered in Ancient Egypt. While I was walking towards the airy and rustic northern side of the second colonnade, I felt an immediate buzz, but also a sense of great chill at the moment of seeing a fascinating scene depicting the divine birth of Hatshepsut. The Queen claimed that she was the divine daughter of Amon Ra to legitimise her rule.

Still, if the Temple was once seen as the apotheosis of me, civilization’s narcissism, I would have this feeling beyond the colonnade at the North are the chapel of Anubis, God of mummification and the keeper of the necropolis. I was drawn not just by the particular scenes or the practices I was exploring, but by the prospect of being contained by this shrine who are genuinely committed to make civilization. After living few hours while being enchanted by these beautiful surroundings, I invariably went to the third terrace that was also accessed by a ramp. It consisted of two rows of columns, the front ones taking the Osirid form (a mummy form).How then, I wondered, was I to reconcile these very different visions in my own search for wisdom?   

Ramses III Meet Hamlet

Ramses III lived in psychological turmoil after his encounter with Moses, the prophet. He believed that Moses was threatening his existence as he could have definitely deprived him of his throne. Consequently, he started to attire Hamlet’s garment and plunged himself into Hamlet’s existentialism.
Sometimes the spirit of Hamlet’s ghosts dipped into distraction, compulsion and preoccupation reflected itself in the ambiance of Ramses III’s chamber. In matter of weeks, Ramses III seemed to be more easily absorbed into the word one and the rhythmic pattern of his breathing. Paradoxically, he found that when he was not actively thinking, his awareness had become broader and clearer than usual.
Whenever Ramses III had heard any news about Moses, he felt as if there was no a sanction to resort to. Feeling frightened, he decided to close his eyes and see if meditating, focusing all his attention on something other than adhering himself to Hamlet’s scruples and yielding to anticipated pain, could somehow have helped. When the moment of transferring himself from the state of meditation into the state of falling asleep had come, he reluctantly opened his eyes.Thirty minutes passed. To his astonishment, all the disillusions went away and felt no pain. He felt as if he had experienced an aura emerged from a Pharaonic amulet and did not lead directly to migraine. In effect, he had gained control of an involuntary inner conflict. He used the same technique the next time he experienced an aura.
Having that experience of meditation encouraged Ramses III to practice how to frame himself into the right mood of meditation. He decided to close his eyes and focus on repeating the word one silently while breathing slowly and rhythmically. Very rapidly, he lost his track of time and became absorbed, instead of yielding to the inner conflicts, into his meditative process. The longer he sat, the calmer he felt. When he started to surrender to moments of relaxation, Hamlet’s ghosts had begun to stir his emotions to mold them into a melting pot dyed with everlasting inner torture. It occurred to him that he had stumbled onto a piece of a much bigger puzzle. What seemed to interest RamsesIII was the unique consciousness that would be of great assistance for him to control pain, and the possibility of establishing a relationship between his inner self and the reality he was living with the purpose of seeking wisdom.

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My Portfolio of Professional Development

Cambridge University ELT,UK

Understanding and Using the CEFR ( The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for Teaching and Learning
Using Images to Stimulate Learner Engagement
An Introduction to the Cambridge English Corpus
Teaching Adult Learners
Joined-up Blended Learning
Digital Video: Creation and Exploitation
Getting into Writing Materials
Corpora and The Advanced Level
IELTS Writing Q&A on 2 Successive Days
Activities to Improve Young Learners’ Communication
Writing: From A1 to B1
Increasing Motivation through Visualization,Reflection and Assessment
Cambridge English: Proficiency –Teaching the Compulsory Essay
Teachers as Writers
Fun and Achievement in the Young Learner Classroom
Why CLIL( Content and Language Integrated Learning)?
Practice Makes Perfect:Creating Your Own Exam Materials for the Classroom
Making Young Learners' Exams Fun
A Genre-Based Approach to Writing Success
How to Get the Most Out Of Social Networks
Getting Ahead in ELT
Improving your Lesson Planning
Cambridge English Empower : Bringing Learning-Oriented Assessment into the Classroom
The Flipped Learning in University EFL courses
More than just Speaking - Developing Speaking Skills
How to improve your Students’ IELTS Score
Discovering Video: Visual Stimulus in Secondary Classroom
Creating Stimulating Classroom for Very Young Learners
Student Support in Online Only Courses  
Lesson Jamming - A Model for Planning Lessons in Groups
Supporting Mixed Ability Learners at PET / KET Levels - Reading and Writing Skills 
Plagiarism: Why Students Do It and How You Can Help
What is Blended Leaning and How does It Work in Practice?
Exam preparation and support for learners with special educational needs

Oxford University ELT ,UK

Oxford Big Read
EAP Power Grammar:Noun Phrases and Wh-Clauses
Using Short Films and Videos to Scaffold Cross-Curriculum Content  
Engaging Beginnings:Grab Their Attention and Get Them Engaged  
Retro Teaching Techniques
An introduction to the Oxford Online Placement Test  
Warmers, Fillers and Other Quick Activities
Reasons to Use Literature in English Language Teaching  
Assigning Homework and Tracking your Students' Progress with the Online Practice and Online Workbooks for your Course
Lesson Flipping and Creating Video Presentations
Getting Young Learners to Write in English
Using Social Media and Smart Devices Effectively  
Oral Error Correction in the English Language Classroom
Don't give up on Idioms and Phrasal Verbs!
Messages, Discussions, and Chat - Improving communication skills with the Online Practice and Online Workbooks for your course
Adapting our Online Materials to Suit your Students  
Managing your Account - Roles, Organization Settings, and Administration Tools  
Moving into EAP: Navigating the Transition
How to Use Creativity in the Young Learner English Classroom  
Skills for Effective Communication at Work  
Factors Affecting the Success of Young L2/FL Learners
Classroom Management and Smart Devices
Coming of Age as a Teacher
Peer Interaction in the Foreign Language Classroom
Integrated Skills ; Language for the Future
The Role of L1 Literacy in Secondary L2 Language & Literacy Development

Macmillan ELT , UK:
Using Literature to Teach English  
Teaching Tips for Pronunciation
Developing Essential Skills for Academic Success
Teaching Toward Young Learners
Advanced Vocabulary
Using Comics and Superheroes to Teach Grammar
Exam Classes :Creating Order of Chaos
First Class & Beyond
Five Years of Digital Innovation for Dictionaries
Using Texts in Business English Classroom
Life Skills Day
Learning through Stories
Life Skill Special Day for English Language Teachers

EdWeb (Education),USA

Launching 1:1 Program
Cyberbullying,Sexting, and Social Media :What the Research Says
App Smashing : Combining Apps for Innovative Student Projects
Practical Application for Using Video Models with Students with Autism
Game-Based Learning Initiatives for Secondary STEM : Four Implementation Models
History Goes to the Movies ; Historical Fiction’s Place in the Classroom
Planning Lessons for a Range of Cognition
Teaching Digital Photography : Seven Essential Elements for Instructional Success
Informal Formative Assessment Practices : the Why , the What , and the How
Picture This : Imagery as Assessment Tools
Digital Literacy for Teachers & Students : Locating & Curating the Best of the Web
Creating & Using Effective Rubrics
Making your Content Sing ! A practical Guide to Effective Presentations
Evaluating OER Quality & Standards Alignment : It May Be Free ,but Is It any Good?
Blending beyond the Classroom
Building Capacity with Professional Development
Unleash Student Creativity with Tech-Infused Lessons    
How to Harness Students’ Evolving Vision for Learning: Research and Recommendations
How to Use Ebooks as Assistive Technology Tools for Reading

Mondiale Testing,Germany :

Preparing Informal Assessment Tests for Business English and ESP Students 
Dealing with Grammar at Levels A1 – B1

Scientific Learning Corporation,USA:
Build the ELL (English Language Learning) Brain
Autism:New Research and Interventions  

Library of Congress Webinars
Selecting Primary Sources to Examine the Civil Rights Act of 1964

EALTA (European Association for Language and Testing Association)
Language Assessment in Focus

Miscellaneous ELT Webinars :

Embracing Student ,Education,,and Career Success in a Globalized World (Rosetta Stone ELT)
Establishing Clear Learning Targets for Ourselves and Our Students ( NYSAFLT,New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers)
Innovations in Continuing Professional Development for English language Teachers:Can Professional Development Change Lives?(British Council)
Creating ACTFL -Aligned , Authentic Lessons for Higher -Level Students (Transparent Language)

My Portfolio of Credentials

Tamer Osman
Current Mailing Address: 1Yeditepe Mahallesi, 85061. Sk. No:1, 27470 Şahinbey/Gaziantep/ TURKEY
Current Mobile /Cell Phone (Turkey): 05384686913 / Skype ID:marco-fillini /

Personal Profile
Canadian, multi-skilled, deadline-oriented, perpetually upgrading, innovative,seasoned, meticulous, and professional English /French lecturer & writer, translator & proofreader          

Language Skills : English, French, Spanish, German

Academic Awards
*Cambridge Language Research Ambassador ,Cambridge University ,U.K.    2016

*Research Data Alliance Membership ( US Natural Science Foundation , European Commission & Australian Government)

*Certificate of Appreciation (Judge in Public-speaking Contest organized by English Department Association at Zhengzhou University)    2016

*Certificate of Appreciation for being a Judge in National Debate and Speech Association Award, USA   2016

*Conference presentation, University of South Florida, USA, Why is English Language Lingua Franca?, January 2017

*Conference presentation, NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education, March 2017

My Courses & Exams Published Online

*ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Final exam for Water and Environment Students at Zhengzhou University,China

* Teaching English for Academic Purposes

*The Obstacles Against the Success of ‘Suggestopedia’ as a Method for ELT (English Language Teaching ) in Global Classrooms, Frontiers in Cognitive Psychology, New York

*Participated in The Final Draft of Cambridge University English Corpus 2016

*Participated in Cambridge University Academic Corpus Research 2016

*Participating in British Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities +University of Sterling , UK Project:

British Academy Skills Innovator Project entitled Quantitative language research:
Exploring the potential of Corpus Linguistics in Education 2016

*Co-authoring a book about The Old English with Dr.Marco Condorelli, a university teacher at Lancaster University, UK for the sake of Cambridge University

Current Employment

English Language Lecturer    2017
School of Foreign Languages, Department of English Studies,
Kalyoncu University, Turkey


*Baring plenty of regular and varied grammatical practices in useful and natural contexts within an English Foundation Program
*Expanding the students` knowledge of high-frequency words and phrases in personalized contexts expeditiously
*Grailing the students` pronunciation development through linguistic rules and patterns
*Steering speaking activity topics that inspire the students` interests
*Riveting the students in stimulating reading texts
*Propelling the students to cogitate the `nuts and bolts` of the writing skills on a word and sentence level

*Designing curricular development plans to meet variable priorities and deadlines
*Participating in the School of Foreign School`s staff meetings, professional development seminars, and workshops
*Facilitating the students` learning process and supporting the students to build self-confidence

Mentor  2017

ELL (English Language Learning) Success in the Content Classroom     

Arizona State University
*Assisting the students in knowing how to conceptualize theories of second language acquisition as they apply to the planning of lessons through annotation
* Supporting the students to comprehend how to assess the linguistic needs of the ESL/EFL learners using BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) and and CALP( Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency)

* Bolstering the students to perceive how to adapt lesson plans accomplishing the learning outcomes outlined in the lesson objectives
* Instigating the students to modify materials supporting ELLs’ access to content
* Advising the students about using a wide variety of graphic organizer templates and language frames to support ELLs’ access to content

IB (International Baccalaureate) Examiner Training  September 2016

*Marking and assessing IB exams and assignments virtually
*Moderating internally assessed components
*Reviewing the original marking of teachers

*Acquiring an international educational experience
*Encompassing an insight into the assessment process

Journal Reviewer and Proofreader [Volunteer] 2016
The International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Translation 
*Communicating in a timely manner with the editor indicating willingness to review a specified manuscript, within the time specified ·
*Providing authors with specific comments related to suggestions, revisions, and fashions to improve the quality of the reviewed manuscripts·
*Contriving significant critiques and suggestions to the manuscript author(s) and editor(s)

Beefing up my personal and professional developmental touches in this journal

United Nations Volunteer Translator for PEOI (Educational)Program  2013-2017                        Responsibilities:                                                                                              
*Assessing and translating a range of services such as testing models and grading modes to keep them updated
*Contributing in extending the benefit of online education to those who have been deprived of access to education because of location, time constraints and/or lack of income
*Participating in PEOI Program activities through diffusing educational technologies to learners in the developing countries                                          

European Commission Blogger (Volunteer) 2015-2017                                                                        Responsibilities:
*Tackling the role of the European Union in enhancing the education systems in the developing countries
*Targeting the most critical pedagogical issues that the developing countries envisage

British Council Blogger (Volunteer)  2014-2017                                                                                    Responsibilities:
*Addressing the most intricate problems that the EL/EFL teachers suffer from
*Displaying the language skills issues and how to treat them
*Broaching future teaching visions

MERLOT California University (Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Teaching) Reviewer [Volunteer]2015-2016                                                                                     
*Assessing the quality of the contents of the educational materials presented to MERLOT
*Specifying the educational materials homologizing to the academic potentials of the students
*Proofreading the contexts and suggesting syntactic ameliorations

Project Gutenberg 2016
*English Proofreading ‘History of the Old English Letter Foundries’ book by Talbot Baines Reed

University of Michigan’s Encyclopedia of Diderot and de l’Alembert Project   2016

*Translating parts of this American encyclopedia from French into English      

Encyclopedia of Life (USA)  2016-2017

Associate Curator:
*Adding overlooked articles
*Adding and editing my own text on EOL taxon pages; inviting submissions from other websites
*Rating EOL data objects
*Reporting problems and proposing solutions on the EOL site

EOL Content Provider:
*Founding ‘Languages and Life’ P roject where issues related to the world languages are tackled

Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Reviewer (JLDHE)2016-2017
Open University, UK
*Reviewing manuscripts related to learning development that is a field of practice concerned with how students learn and how they make sense of academic conventions. JLDHE is published by the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE) in the United Kingdom and is aimed at those interested in all aspects of how learning is facilitated, and how it is experienced and achieved by students in higher education.

Teaching Experience

English Language Lecturer    2016 -2017
School of Foreign Languages, Department of English Studies,
Zhengzhou University,China

(A) Teaching ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses to Zhengzhou university students with the following specializations:
Law, civil engineering , electrical engineering , mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, chemical engineering ,physical engineering , journalism,water and environment, architecture ,history , public management , information management ,business, medicine,nursing, experimental materials,tourism, hotel management, education
*Designing the curricula of these ESP courses
*Setting the exams and correcting them

(B)Teaching Chinese doctors belonging to Ministry of Health of Henan Province:
-Delivering English language training sessions on weekly basis to the Chinese doctors in different medicine specializations who will be sent by the Chinese Government to serve as volunteers in Africa

(A) *Adapting the curricula in a fashion that are commensurate with the students’ academic potentials
*Overcoming cultural barriers that could impede the positive communication with the students
*Treating any academic incomprehension that could hinder the flowing progression of the students’ academic progression

(B) *Help the Chinese doctors know how to verbally communicate with African patients
*Providing the Chinese doctors with the necessary knowledge related to Medical English

AP ( Advanced Placement) English language college teacher  
Zhengzhou Foreign Language School   2016-2017

*Currently, I am teaching the following AP courses according to the curricula of the education system in North America:
1-English and American Literature
2-Reading Skills
3-Essay Writing
*Succeeding in covering many curricular contents in a very short period of time, taking into consideration the students’ ability to assimilate the information
*Assisting students in engaging with demanding coursework and preparing them linguistically to know how use the knowledge they acquire after finishing college

 I)English Language Instructor &Trainer (Tripoli, Libya) in two workplaces                                  

a) Atlas Educational Center Group (Canadian-Libyan Partnership)  2013-2014                            Responsibilities:
*Teaching general English and business English to adults
*Teaching general English to St. James Hospital administration employees (American Contract)

b)Centre international de la formation des langues et de la technologie  2013-2014                                                                                                    
(i)ELT ( English Language Teaching) Experience:

l The Ministry of Labor and Professional Training of the Interim Libyan Government Contract  2013-2014                                                       
*Providing linguistic training to the Libyan jobseekers sent from the Ministry of Labor and Professional Training of the Interim Libyan Government to make them
get qualified to work in the Libyan governmental authorities
*Making up Pre-Examinations and Final Examinations for the trainees that are commensurate with the academic standards set by the Libyan Ministry of
Labor and Professional Training
*Correcting the examinations and setting the final grades

*Participating in conducting the graduation ceremony of the trainees sent by the Libyan Ministry of Labor and Professional Training in December 2013

General English Courses 2014                                                           
*Teaching general English courses using the American teaching methodology represented in American English File Curriculum with some groups and the British
 teaching methodology represented in New Headway Curriculum with other groups
*Making English placement tests for the applicants applying for general English courses
*Succeeding in teaching novice and intermediate English levels

Business English Course 2014                                         
*Teaching business English using 101 Ways to Write in Business English Coursebook
*Teaching businesspeople with commercial backgrounds.
*Discovering what the learners desired to achieve
*Shaping clear ideas about the contexts in which the learners use English
*Choosing the materials wisely ,as they are commensurate with the learners’ English levels
*Being flexible and attempting to anticipate problems from the learners

(ii) FLT ( French Language Teaching) Experience: 2014
*Teaching general French courses using ‘Vitesse’ curriculum coursebook which is based on the European Union educational standards
*Assisting the learners in indulging themselves into the European French and the North American French cultures via videos, movies , plays ,etc...
*Scheduling language laboratory hours where the learners can practice listening to and speaking French.
*Managing to make up assignments and tests that accede to the learners’ linguistic levels and comply with the European Union language test standards
*Succeeding in making the learners discriminate between the French sounds and the English sounds ,since the learners stumbled in pronouncing the French sounds correctly

II)Language Teaching Assistant  2004-2005                                                                     
Concordia University (Department of Classics, Modern Languages &Linguistics) Montreal/Canada                          
*Assisting in teaching and proctoring examinations
*Meeting with the instructors to assist in grading the students' assignments and to complete required grade-related papers
*Notifying the instructors of the academic problems of the students
*Returning assignments to the students in accordance with established deadlines
*Scheduling and maintaining regular office hours to meet with students                                                *Providing students with assistance in using language audiovisual equipment
*Leading discussion sections, tutorials, and laboratory activities

III)ESL & FSL Instructor (English & French as Second Languages)

a) Sabeel Education (Montreal/Canada)   2011-2013                                                                            Responsibilities:                                                  
*Teaching students effectively in assigned classes and dedicating office hours for student consultation in accordance with schedules agreed upon with my immediate supervisor
*Providing students with written course syllabi including the items specified by the institution
*Participating in the evaluation of the instructional process and employing innovative strategies to continually improve the process of the students’ learning (Cont’d)
*Utilizing technology to facilitate the learning process for students and accessing education-related data, maintaining academic progress records, generating academic performance reports and cooperating with the other administration staff
*Participating in developing and supporting the students’ academic levels by recommending extracurricular activities and materials
*Gaining knowledge of diverse communities and learning styles and enabling cultural communities to assimilate into modern instructional learning styles

b) Go Canada for Academic & Immigration Services (Montreal/Canada) 2011-2013                     Responsibilities:                                          
*Employing diagnostic tests and placement tests to properly assign the students to the classes corresponding to their linguistic levels
*Identifying the needs and abilities of the students, especially the under-prepared and disabled students      
*Adapting instructional techniques to accommodate varied learning styles and abilities
*Adopting innovative teaching methods, instructional design and assessment strategies
*Availing myself of alternative educational delivery systems and instructional technologies to engage students in the learning process                                                                   
*Supporting positive settlement outcomes for newly arrived immigrants into Canada in the areas of education,employment and community participation
*Succeeding in assisting the refugees resorting to Canada in overcoming their linguistic barriers

COL( Commonwealth of Learning) TESOL Consultant (2015-2017)
 *Organizing various committees, workshops, and conferences to promote intellectual welfare of the ESL /EFL learners
*Discussing ESL /EFL issues with the TESL/TEFL specialists and understand the basic problems related to ELT
*Providing recommendations on ESL/EFL/curricula and materials to educational institutions
*Advising ESL /EFL teaching staff about the ESL/EFL curriculum development and use of material and equipment  
*Designing ESL/EFL tests to measure the effectiveness of the ESL/EFL curricula and ensuring that the COL recommendations are considered
*Developing ESL /EFL instructional materials that are to be used by English instructors  
*Evolving excellent analytic thinking and an ability to utilize logic to handle ESL/EFL issues    
Other Experiences from Montreal ,Canada
Teaching French to English-speaking businesspeople (2006)
*Teaching English to French-speaking businesspeople
*Teaching English & French to children/adolescents(2005-2006)
Teaching English to children and adolescents (2005)
Vienna Academy
Teaching English(Adults:Advanced & Intermediate levels)(2004)

My Professional Accomplishments

1-Working as a volunteer blogger:
*IATEFL Liverpool (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)Conference   2013                                                                                         
*IATEFL Manchester Conference  2015
*IATEFL Birmingham Conference  2016                                                                                           
Coverage of these two conferences on: (                

 *Cambridge English Teacher Step Conference 2013 & 2015                                       
 *Macmillan ELT Conference 2014 & 2015                                                                                                                            
3-My Lesson Plan Designs:
* British Council: Lesson Plan of a Conversation Class : 
The Environment (High Intermediate +Advanced Levels) 2015                                                                                       

* TESOL International Association: Lesson plan of a Grammar Class:
Present Perfect Tense vs. Past Simple (Intermediate Levels)  2015                                                                

*University of Oregon,ObaVerse:Lesson Plan of a Conversation Class:
Liberty (High Intermediate +Advanced Levels) 2014                                                      

4- IELTS Materials: Open University ,Language Open Resource Centre ,UK  2015    

5-Quora Digest : A set of literary articles 2013-2014

6-Commonwealth of Learning  2015                                                                                                       (ORLET: Open Resources for English Language Teaching) :                                                            ( Published: Grammar is a Painkiller Not a Pain Threshold )

7- Teachers Without Borders (Published: Teaching Grammar is not Byzantine ) 2015                   

8-Cambridge English Teacher Development Tracker: Expert   July 2015                        

9- Proofreader and Reviewer at the Peer Tutoring Conference 2015 ,University of Hamburg, Germany  2015                                                                                           
*Proofreading the English language of the documents ,scripts and the abstracts of the conference presenters
*Reviewing the quality of the abstract contents and reasoning my decision-making about the best candidates who would attend the Conference
*Identifying the nature of the syntactic and semantic problematic issues that the German face
*Preparing writing a set of articles about the practical solutions of the English linguistic issues that the German are involved into.

 10-Proofreader and Reviewer at OLC Innovate Conference 2016 & 2017  
* Proofreading the presentation documents that will be submitted at the Conferences in 2016 & 2017
* Reviewing the quality of these presentation documents and selecting the best candidates to be among the conference presenters.
* Being able to proofread and review sixteen presentation documents within one month only and to meet the deadline for submitting my assignment on December 18,2015
* Utilizing all my professional skills to select three candidates among the sixteenth candidates which presentations were reviewed and proofread by me to be nominated to be among the conference presenters
11-Proofreader & Reviewer at Citizen Science Association in Minnesota, USA 2016
* Proofreading and reviewing the Conference presentations while considering these elements:
-Advancing theory or practice of citizen science
-Offering a clear ratione, intellectual-grounding, and income / payoff for the presentation
-Addressing relevant societal challenges
-Showing the capacity to have a relevant social impact
* Adds a perspective to one of the grand challenges facing the field of citizen science

12. Language Box, University of Southampton 2016
(Published: Using English and American Literature in Classes)

13- USA Government DocsTeach 2016
(Published: Academic Writing Skill Activity: Two Settings)

14-USA National Science Digital Library 2016
* The Article Series of 'Intricate Issues on USA Plain Language'

15-Published on O.E.R Commons: Dictée orientée (French Language Activity) 2016

                                                                                                                 My Professional Contributions

1-Urban Dictionary     2014-2015                                                                                                                   

2-UNESCO Implementing the OER Paris Declaration  June 2015                                                                                                  

3-UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day  April 2015                                                   

4-Encyclopedia Britannica Project :(Word to Expand Our Vocabularies)  2014                                                                                         

5-France Terme (France Government’s Frenchization of the English Words Project) 2014                             

6-The English Project:(Fostered by University of Winchester, UK)                                            
[The Problems of the French Speakers when They Use Capitalization & Periods in English] 

8- Writing Article to the United Nations: ‘What does Peace Mean?’

My Publications

1-English Skills in Tables , Registered in U.S.A , ISBN ( 978 00002 49098)

2-English Teaching for Arabic ESL /EFL Teachers, Registered and copy kept at Library of Congress ,Library of Congress Control Number ( LCCN : 2015909186), ISBN from US.A.(978 9876 543217)

3-Crystallize the English-French Scientific Translation ,accredited by and a copy is kept at the UNESCO World Library of Science

4-English-French Internet Terminology Reservoir, ISBN (9781234567897) from U.S.A  / Accredited and Published in Translation Journal, Illinois ,U.S.A
 Published at World Public Library, Hawaii,U.S.A
5- L’anglais pour les français ,( English for the French), EAN(1234567891019) obtained from Europe / Donated a copy to National Library of France

 Principle Academic Degrees:
*Postgraduate Diploma (Masters) in English-French Translation,
 Concordia University,Montreal,Canada
* B.A. in English Literature & Linguistics,Government of Quebec
*Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate, L'Académie linguistique internationale,Montreal,Canada
*Professional Diploma in English translation,American University &AAST
*(TGA) French Translation Certificate, French Embassy
*Language Stimulation Strategies Certificate, TAV College,Montreal,Canada
Courses where (English) is the Language of Instruction in the Classes:
*Basics of Assessment, Center for Applied Linguistics, USA
*E-Learning and Digital Cultures, University of Edinburgh,UK
*Rhetorical Composing, Ohio University,USA
*How to Teach IELTS ,Cambridge University,UK
*Passage Rating Workshop from San Diego University, USA
*CAST (Computer-Assisted Screening Tool) Language Rating Workshop, San Diego University, USA
*Foundations of Virtual Instruction,University of California,USA
*Corpus Linguistics: Method, Analysis,Interpretation,Lancaster University, UK
*How to Read a Mind,University of Nottingham , UK
*The Practice of Adapting ,Teaching ,and Creating OER Workshop (CPE from University of Texas at Austin),USA
*University Teaching , John Hopkins University , USA
*Cambridge English Grammar:Language Awareness ,Cambridge University ,UK                                                                                               
*Cambridge English Teaching Challenges Record of Achievement , Cambridge University ,UK
*SDL Academy Translation Professional Development Program, UK
*Language Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages ,University of Adelaide, Australia
* Arizona State University Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Courses , USA:
-Teach English Now ! Foundational Principles
-Teach English Now ! Theories of Second Language Acquisition
-Lesson planning with the ELL in Mind
-Assessing Achievement with the ELL in Mind
*Stanford University , California , USA:
-Using Communication-Focused Activities in Designated English Language Development Lessons
-Using Complex Texts to Develop Language
-Teaching EFL/ESL Reading:Task Based Approach 
(University of London ,UCL Institute of Education)
British Council CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
*One-week CPD Workshops in November 2014:
1-Watch, Learn, Practice:Video Based CPD and Collaboration  
2-Teacher Research as CPD in Practice  
3-What Lies Beyond?CPD with Lasting Impact
4-CPD that Works
5-Innovation in English Language ( General Lecture)  
*Using Authentic Materials with ESOL Learners
*Developing Written Accuracy with ESOL Learners :Principles and Approaches
*Teaching Beginners

Cambridge University ELT (English Language Teaching) CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Record of Achievement
The Five Teaching Challenges
*Find New Ways to Motivate your Learners
*Find New Ways to Identify and Correct your Learners’ Mistakes
*Create a Professional Development Plan that Works for You
*Grow Your Confidence Using English in Class
*Be more confident Using Digital resources
U.S. Department of Education Sessions
*Certificate for Master Teacher for English Learning/Civics
*ELL -U: The Role of Culture
*ELL -U: Second Language Acquisition

U.S. Government ELT & Language-related Courses 
*Shaping the Way We Teach English:Paths to Success in ELT, U.S.State of Department
*Shaping the Way We Teach English:The Landscape of English Language Teaching,U.S.State of Department
*National Institutes of Health Plain Language Training
*Plain Language [USA GovLoop]
*US Defense German Reading Course(Level3)
*New Ways to Teach Character Education ( Medal Of Honor Character Development Program)

Library of Congress Teacher Professional Development Sessions
*Supporting Inquiry with Primary Sources
*Copyright and Primary Sources
*Analyzing Primary Sources: Photographs and Prints
*Analyzing Primary Sources: Maps
*Finding Primary Sources

Linguistic Courses from Philipps-Universität Marburg,German
Linguistics 101 -Fundamentals
Linguistics 103 -The Nature of Meaning
Linguistics 201 -The Structure of English

The United Nations Courses:
*Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations
*The World Bank Group Education Strategy 2020
*Implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions on the Women, Peace,& Security Agenda in Africa ( In Progress)

The European Union Courses:
*The European Union in Global Governance

Life Skills Courses:
1*USA GovLoop Training:
*Critical Conversations :Communicating Up , Down & Sideways Online Seminar
Was granted 1 CPE Credit , National Registry of CPE Sponsors ID # 116222
*Know Thyself: An Introduction to Self-Awareness
*Your Brain on Conflict
2*(University of Michigan) ,USA
*Successful Negotiation:Essential Strategies and Skills
USA National Archive Sessions:
*Secrets for Searching the National Archives Online Catalog
Courses where (French) is the Language of Instruction in the Classes:
* Digital Teaching and Delivering Training,Education Strategies Project,ENS Cachan & Lyon,France    
* Digital Teaching and Delivering Training:Trainer of Adults,ENS Cachan&Lyon,France
*Digital Teaching and Delivering Training in Language Field ,ENS Cachan & ENS Lyon Grenoble3,France
*Language between Nature and Culture, Aix-Marseille université,France

Courses where (Spanish) is the Language Instruction of the Classes:
*Proofreading and Style in the Spanish Language ,Open University of Barcelona,Spain
*Applied Educational Innovations, University of Zaragoza & University of Salamanca, Spain
*Advanced Spanish Language &Culture,University of Southern California, USA

Translation Work Experiences
*Miriam Accounting Office,Montreal,Canada:Financial Translator  2010-2013                                                                                         

*L’association des traducteurs et des interprètes judiciaires du Québec ,Montreal,Canada
Freelance Translator  2006-2013                                                                                                

*The International Civil Aviation Organization (United Nations/Montreal,Canada) 1999                    

*Department of Foreign Relations(Egyptian Chamber of Commerce)  1997-1999                                    

*Translation of “N.A.V.I.R.E.S”website from French into English:
(   2011

Professional Associations&Affiliations

*Membership and Reviewer at American Journal of Language and Literacy
*ALTE (The Association of Language Testers in Europe)
*EALTA (The European Association for Language Testing and Assessment)
*ETAW(European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing)
*The English Project ,University of Winchester, UK
*Citizen Science Association,USA
*Europeana (European Union Encyclopedia) Network
* The Commonwealth Of Learning(COL)
*Teachers Without Borders
*New York Association for Computers and Technology in Education
  (Membership ID : 32049)
*International Language Testing Association
  (MembershipID : #8O56WJCMALC0)

Certified Professional Development Webinars

Please do refer to my portfolio of professional development to view all the webinars


Here are my favorite readings available on my blogs:

*Library of Congress Gems:

*EU Encyclopedia Knowledge :

*National Geographic Knowledge (English-français):

* Les trésors de la biblithèque nationale de la France ( (National Library of France Treasures) :

Composing Poetry

*My Poetry Book : Insomniac Nights :